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Reception and Orientation
Students workers
– tel. 0644585221 int. (25221)

Manager of the Library
Nicoletta Maiocco
– tel. 0644585671 (int. 25671) (link sends e-mail)

Management of Catalogue, Students Workers Coordinator, Civil Service Coordinator and Representative for "Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro" projects
Manuela Grillo
– tel. 0644585438 (int. 25438) (link sends e-mail)

Borrowing, User's Assistance
Daniele Alessandri
– tel. 0644585221 (int. 25221) (link sends e-mail)

Giorgio Bacchiocchi
– tel. 0644585448 (int. 25448) (link sends e-mail)

Logistic Support
Luciano Benedetti - tel. 0644585620 (int. 25620)

Fax biblioteca 0644585673