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Registry office ICCU: RM1176


The Central Library -named after Prof. Giovanni Boaga, a distinguished mathematician- is based in the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering: it supports the teaching and the research studies of the departments that belongs to the Faculty. Library's services are aimed only at the members of the Sapienza's community (students, professors, researchers, technical and administrative staff), but there's free access to the reading room for anyone and it ensures around 202 seats, over the 55 hours of weekly opening.

The reading room is provided with wifi; in the external part of the reading room there is a relax area and a bookcrossing point.

Since it's so near the Colosseum and Saint Peter's in Chains's Church, there's a flow of tourists around, also attracted by the magnificent building of the Faculty.

The library was built in 1873 as the Library of the Application School of Engineers in Rome, but it already existed since 1817 when Pope Pio the Seventh established the School of Engineering.

The real founder of the library was Valentino Cerruti. He had an immense and cultured mind, especially in all the branches of pure and applied mathematics. He managed to create the first library dedicated to engineering in Italy.

He was the senior manager of the library, until he had to leave the role to become executive director of the school.

He suggested as his successor his assistant in rational mechanics, Professor Lucio Silla. His next successor was Professor Anastasio Anastasi, who managed the library in the years 1921-1922. Then he had to leave the role as well to take on new positions. The next senior manager was Engineer Vittorugo Foschi.

Now the library is named after Professor Giovanni Boaga, a notable mathematician.

The library was recnovated in 1976 when the senior manager of the library was Doctor Giovanni Sibeni(1970-2000).

The reconstruction was done by Engineer Professor Enrico Mandolesi who embedded new elements to the already existing antique structure keeping the gallery and the antique gate from the library Canonic Laterans in Saint Peter in Chains, dating back to 1768 and transferred into its current location in 1938.


The library offers:
  • 2 reading rooms with a total of 202 seats;
  • Wifi Sapienza;
  • 28000 modern books;
  • 710 antique books (published until 1830);
  • 1090 periodicals and the majority of them can be consulted on line.